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Fashion Boutique Sandton

If elegance and style are the words that reflect your lifestyle, then Desch is the luxury clothing boutique for you. Desch, an exclusive and sophisticated clothing boutique, located in the heart of Johannesburg’s fashion district, offers exclusive clothing for both men and women. For the best suits in Johannesburg and for the most gorgeous dresses in South Africa, Desch is the fashion boutique that the fashion conscious adore.

Desch has a renowned reputation, known for exceptional garments, unique style and superior boutique service. The Desch clothing range is handpicked by our style gurus and imported to our shores straight from Europe. This is no run-of-the-mill, assembly line store. Desch is quintessential style. Bold statement pieces made with luxury fabrics, our fashion echoes elegant living.

Best Clothing Store in Johannesburg

Our Exclusive Garments

Some of the brands we offer include (but are not limited to):



Since 1955 Hiltl pants makes to the very strict principles, which the company has given itself and to which the company holds strictly. In the spirit of Fritz Hiltl who’s always wanted to do one thing: Pants of the best.

Eduard Dressler

Eduard Dressler is synonymous with affluent style. Since the label opened its doors in 1929, it has been known for masculine craftsmanship and up to date menswear fashion.



Sarar, which greeted the fashion world in 1944 from a modest tailor’s workshop in Eskişehir, today continues purveying stylish and creative designs across 5 continents and in 49 different countries.



It was 1910 when the family – Gimmi represents the third generation – took his first steps in the shoe, creating bespoke pieces and entirely by hand.


Desch adores luxury and style. The Desch woman is sophisticated and stunning; someone who stands out from the crowd. This is why Desch supplies Party21, a sophisticated lifestyle and women’s wear brand that exudes opulence.


Desch has been on the world fashion stage since 1874. We stock only the most exclusive styles and highly respected brands, ensuring our clientele receive the garments that embrace their innate style and fashionable lifestyle.

Desch: Exclusive Fashion Boutique in Sandton

Desch stocks the trendiest garments for the stylish man and woman. The Desch fashion enthusiasts handpick the most stylish European clothing and accessories. The rich materials, opulent prints and fitted suits reflect our fashion conscious clientele. Modern and exclusive, Desch is your passport to elegance and style.

Stylish Clientele

At Desch, our clients are our number one priority and we nurture those relationships, providing a personalised shopping experience. The Desch fashionistas provide stylish advice and inform you of the latest trends and new garments arriving at our boutique. Express your style with one of a kind items… Desch is the reflection of true sophistication.

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Women’s Clothing

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